Friday, March 18, 2011

Rumors of my untimely demise have been greatly exaggerated.

In case you're wondering, I am not actually the consummate speller I appear to be. I write my entries (and emails, and comments on other blogs, and facebook updates) with an extra Firefox window devoted entirely to checking questionable spellings via the intarwebs. Case in point: I very nearly spelled 'exaggerated' with an h. In this, as in so many other areas of my life, the appearance of genius is actually an otherwise troublesome neurosis so channelled as to do some sort of good, however small that may be, in addition to keeping me up nights, causing premature baldness and ulcers.

As you can see, I am not dead. I did not suffer a blow to the head and spend the last three months slowly recovering from amnesia, nor do I work for the CIA (honest, I don't!). The simple fact is that I just stopped writing. I woke up, did things, ate food, showered, and went to bed over and over and over, without ever stopping to sit down and spend a few minutes letting you in on any of it. Poor readers. I do sincerely apologize. I guess I just forgot that any of it would be worth making a note of. Like that strange breed of single person who suddenly wakes up to find that he has no photographic evidence of his existance after college, I found myself looking at my own blog and thinking 'when is she going to post something new here?'

Well, today is only sort of that day. (Yay?) Unfortunately, all I have time for is a rather elaborate excuse, but hopefully every time I come to my blog to see what the people who follow me are up to on their blogs, this small note will weigh on my conscience, like a dirty pot on a stove top, until I can write again.

Until then, my friends, Happy Friday!

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