Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wow, these blogs are not easy to keep up!
OK, so maybe they are, and I'm just lazy. Oh well. We're not getting graded for this, right?

So lately, I've been thinking about words and how silly they are. More specifically, I've been trying to think of a list of words that make me laugh...and then I realized that it's the context that makes them funny, so what good is a list? Nevertheless, in an attempt to put something on my blog for the month of December, here are some words that make me smirk whenever I hear them.

The first is the word "Abyss." Now, I know there's not anything inherently funny about a huge gaping hole that never ends, full of darkness and doom and all that. But whenever I hear someone say the word "abyss," I like to pretend that they really said "abbess." And then it's hilarious. I mean, who doesn't laugh at the thought of an enormous and malicious balrog (to take an example from the Fellowship of the Ring) being sent back to some equally enormous matriarchal nun, to suffer a stern lecture and have his knuckles rapped for terrorizing those poor hobbits?

And while we're on the subject of movies, the entire "Chronicles of Riddick" series wins the prize for most ridiculous word usage. If the movies weren't so full of grisly violence and naked ladies, I would watch them more often, just to laugh at their (apparently serious) choice of names, like "furions" (those people get really angry all the time) and "underverse" (every time I hear it, I think of underwear, and I can't take any of them seriously).
I have to watch myself when I go to the movies, because otherwise I'll snigger at the most inopportune times. My friend Alisha likes this, because then she feels safe to smirk when the evil villain, in all seriousness, dons his preposterous spiky metal hat (decorated with the grimaces of the tortured souls he has vanquished, no doubt) before grandstanding about world domination, etc., just long enough for our hero to prevent him from pushing the button that will destroy the universe...or underverse as the case may be.

OK, so there it is, your December post. I hope you like it.

And if I don't write again until January, Merry Christmas to everyone!


PS- If you want to have some more fun with movies, try watching the Three Musketeers and substituting the word "mouseketeers" every time someone refers to "musketeers."