Friday, June 19, 2009

June contribution

I read poetry in the bathroom. (TMI, I know. But it's my blog.)
I do this because poems, most poem, are shorter than novels, and nobody likes ring-butt.

So anyway, this morning I was reading poetry, and then I took a shower. Everyone knows that the best thoughts come to us in the shower, and this poem came to me there.
(Incidentally, this is why I take long showers. I like to think.)

For Alisha, Adrienne, SHS, and me
(upon our turning twenty-seven)

I was old when I was younger
I'll be young when I am old.
I do not think I'll ever match my age,
if truth be told.
I'm always pushing forward
or else I'm looking back.
I don't know what to do with all this
mental bric-a-brac.
Experience collected
doesn't add up very well,
and where the heck I'm s'posed to go from here
I can not tell.
True living is a secret
that all good grown-ups keep--
You fill the day as best you can,
and then you go to sleep.

So there it is.
(I hope you like it, Alisha. You inspired it. Well, you and a book of children's poems...and a nice warm shower.)

Bye everyone,
I'm off to Kaua'i!