Sunday, October 30, 2011

Two Poems

Every day I eat and sleep, but these comforts aren't enough.
Friends and family care for me, but these people aren't enough.
I have ears and eyes that hear and see, but I'll never know enough,
and whatever I do to fill these needs, I'll never be enough.

Since You made me holy, I'm
so full of holes that I feel
the whole world could
pass through my heart and
nothing would stick.
But if that's what it takes to make
room for Your love, rip away, my Friend, rip away.

You must be awfully big.

Snorkeling is like flying
(and I've always longed to fly.)
From above, I watch the piscatory folk,
slivers of brilliance that flee my curious touch.
Maybe they think I'm a shark.

Silly fish! I'm not here to eat you.
I just want to watch you swim.
Show me your fishy moves and think
your fishy thoughts, so maybe I
can, for a moment, see the sky
from your submarine valley.