Saturday, May 23, 2009

Thoughts on a breezy walk by the tall grass.

It's so much more fun being me than trying to be impressively acceptable.

Proof #347 why I believe there is a God: in the quietest of quiet moments, when I ought to feel the loneliest, that's when I'm most aware that I'm not alone.*

I have a treacherous heart, a slippery little thing.

It feels good to want things, deep and meaningful things. It's a sign of life and a byproduct of having hope for one's future.

I like hearing the wind through the trees/really tall grass.

I'm glad there are no poisonous snakes (or feral lions) in western Washington.

Someday, I'm going to have a baby (in wedlock--hence the "someday").

I'm 85% sure that someday I'll get a tattoo. Or maybe God will be my tattoo.*

I am kind of like Piglet (from the Winnie-the-Pooh books): small, somewhat intelligent, painfully sensitive, a little bit vain, a little bit in awe/jealous of the Poohs in my life, and always having to "be brave."

If Mary Poppins really did love every child she had to say goodbye to, then she must have had a very rich life.

I'm rich like that.

I don't mind not knowing how I'm going to turn out...actually, I kind of like the suspense.

Reason # 28 why I don't think I'll ever get drunk: thinking clearly and noticing things seems like alot more fun when your discoveries still make sense the next day (and you don't have a headache).

I would love to be able to identify and imitate bird songs. It's on my list...right under learning French and playing the piano well enough not to disgrace myself in public.

God is kind of like dark matter in that without Him, the math of life doesn't add up. If you reverse-engineer a soul, you find a sort of thirst or gravity that implies something very, very big.**

Okay, I really should be doing homework right now. There's always homework.

Happy Weekend!


*disclaimer: These thoughts have not been proofread (that much) for grammar or the unabashed hokiness of naked sincerity. Yes, I did just say naked. This post is now rated PG.

**That one would make alot more sense if you could see the video in my head, complete with impressive whooshing "gravity" sound effects.