Sunday, April 26, 2009

Amusing words update

Remember that blog entry I wrote about words and phrases that make me smirk? (Just scroll down a bit if you don't--It's embarassing how little I've written since December!) Well, I've just thought of another one to add to the list.

You know how people sometimes call each other "Hon," as an abbreviation of the endearment "Honey"? Well, whenever I hear somebody using that word, I like to pretend that they've actually said "Hun," as in "Attila the Hun," and that the meek, unassuming wife/husband/small child/patron of the greasy-spoon eatery to whom the term has been applied is actually a fearsome barbarian, clothed in bloodied armor and animal hides.

*I chuckle*

It's almost better than all those furions in the underverse.

Oh! and also...
Yesterday I watched the Classic Trek episode where the beautiful (and scantily clad) alien-lady steals Spock's brain (!), and Kirk and Bones (et. al) have to beam down to the alien planet to find it and somehow put it back in Spock's inexplicably not-yet-dead body (!!), which they manipulate by means of a handy little remote control device (!!!)--because really, who wants to schlepp a full-grown vulcan (sans brain) through the tunnels of the pretty alien ladies' underground paradise?-- And then, to top it off, when Bones gets all nervous about not hooking up all Spock's neurons correctly into their respective brain outlets, Kirk just tells him to fix the vocal chords first so that Spock can walk him through the rest of his own brain-restoration surgery(!!!!) which he does (!!!!!). Talk about hardcore.

Honestly! How did they ever film it with straight faces?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Very Micro Economics

Where has all the money gone?
It strikes me as strange that everyone all over the globe has suddenly run out of cash. How can we all be hurting for cash? The money we all don't have has to have ended up somewhere, right?
It seems pretty fishy to me.

Actually, here's what I think has really happened: We all got used to pretending that enough money exists for us to do whatever it is we want to do, until we finally got to the point where that no longer works. Either we can't pretend anymore, or for some reason we're no longer willing to. It's a puzzler. But even though this gives me the same unsettled feeling I used to get when guest preachers would discuss the end of the world, I'm honestly not that upset. I know things will have to change--but things have always been changing. And good things can happen when people are forced to depend on each other. I just hope I can be graceful when my life gets uncomfortable.

I can't tell you how freeing it is to know that happiness and comfort are not the whole point of my being here (as in here on this Earth) in the first place. It's good to have a purpose, and to have to make sacrifices for something bigger than me. I'm so glad that I can embrace the harder aspects of being me without feeling vaguely ashamed of the fact that I am not happy and comfortable all the time.

"And that's all I have to say about that."