Tuesday, August 24, 2010

That's all.

Hello friends.

Have you ever noticed how the 'Man in the Moon' always seems to be gaping off into space somewhere above your left shoulder? I've been staring at him through my living room window for the last fifteen minutes, and I've decided that, on the whole, I'd rather he gaped at space than at me. I feel the same way about actors in a theater. That's why I don't like to sit in the front row of the audience.

Now you know.

Wanna know something else? I am seriously considering getting a tattoo. Now, I'm not telling you what the design will be until I'm ready to commit, and that may not be for weeks or months yet, but I think I may have found something I feel strongly enough about to merit permanent markage. It's not a picture per se, because it has to have more significance than mere aesthetic enjoyment in order to justify its existence. I am not fool enough to think I could improve on God's handiwork. And anyway, bodies change over time, as well they should.

It's an idea, more than anything else--something I want to remember every time I look at myself*--something I'm fairly confident will be important to me for the rest of my life, whether I go the way of the adventurous and eccentric maiden aunt or find someone fantastic enough to inspire me to chuck it all and settle down. (So do not fear, Concerned Relatives, I will immortalize no man's name on my buttocks--or any other personal territory, for that matter--nor will there be anything resembling fat cupid babies or skulls of any kind. Skulls. Blech.)

Of course, I could come to my senses at any moment, so don't go calling any newspapers.

I just thought I'd throw some thoughts out there because you and I, dear Reader, haven't talked in a while. Which is a shame. Because I like you.

That's all.

*and no, it has nothing to do with StrongBad's "Awesome Song"** which is now stuck in my head.

**basically just one refrain repeated over and over: "Every time I look at myseeeelf, I can't believe how awesome I aaaaaam" in StrongBad's grainy and slightly tone-deaf baritone.